"Had a fabulous time, seen loads of wildlife. The vultures warming their feathers was amazing."


Central Drakensberg Attractions at or near Vultures View

Vultures View self-catering accommodation is centrally located within easy reach of all attractions and activities the central Drakensberg has to offer. Soothe and revitalise your soul and enjoy the Drakensberg splendour whenever you venture out into the valley.

Waterfalls, rivers, magnificent vistas and places of beauty and solitude are all in the Drakensberg, just waiting for you to don your walking shoes and explore.


A treat awaits birding enthusiasts at Vultures View as the skies etch the graceful shapes of vultures floating on the updrafts.

The montane grassland of the central Drakensberg with its slopes covered in protea trees and pockets of evergreen forests, are inhabited by 300 species of birds, of which 32 are endemic.

You can be assured of adding a few birding gems to your life-list whilst staying at Vultures View.

For your convenience we made a list of some special and rare species that have been spotted at or near Vultures View. Feel free to print and tell us how many of these you have spotted.

Vulture Feeding Site - Unique Birding

The vulture feeding site which is within easy walking distance from Vultures View, offers a unique birding opportunity. See the "Bone eaters of the Drakensberg" - the endangered Bearded Vulture.

A 25% reduction in numbers of breeding pairs of the Bearded Vulture has been recorded in the last 25-30 years. There are only about 30 pairs of birds left in Kwazulu-Natal and at Vultures View birders will be rewarded with seeing this magnificent bird.

A vulture count is held annually in September at the Vulture feeding site to monitor the number of Bearded Vultures in the area. This is to ensure the long-term survival of this spectacular bird and create international awareness of both the Bearded and Cape vultures.

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